About us

What distinguishes us is above all that:

  • We have a holistic approach that integrates nature, society, economy and individual well-being.
  • We use internationally successful methods of innovation-driven sustainable development within the customer’s core business.
  • We have a coaching approach with the focus on building up the customer’s own capacity.
  • We are performance oriented with a strong focus on increased profitability, risk minimization and value growth.

We know that insight is crucial to actually implement the changes that are needed for sustainable development. As an example of this we can mention that one of our employees’ former participants, thanks to the insights he gained during training in Sweden, managed to impose requirements popular participation in China’s legislation on environmental statements – in just two years!


We are a growing team of dedicated and experienced professionals with complementary backgrounds and interests and a common passion for sustainable development.

We combine research and internationally well-proven methods (45 countries, the UN, the EU, cities, companies, etc.) with organizational and leadership development, training and consulting to create sustainable and resilient organizations and action for sustainable development.

Our core values

  • Sustainability
  • Reliance
  • Commitment
  • Happiness

Our vision
In 2022, when we celebrate the Stockholm Conference, +50, we are known for our contribution to creating a near-sustainable society in Sweden, which is seen as a real role model and pioneer for the rest of the world.

We have a large number of partners that we bring in, if necessary, for example:
sustainability experts, management consultants, certified coaches, professional speakers, trainers, artists and universities.