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Our Services:
Sustainable organization
Complete solution – where sustainability is integrated throughout the organization
We help you to create a more sustainable business, with committed employees, satisfied customers and better economy. – A company / organization which also contribute to a more sustainable society and a more sustainable environment.
Our tools and methods will help you to integrate strategically important aspects of sustainable development in environmental, economic, prosperous and society related to the situation of your company or organization.

We help you to:

  • Create an integrated and holistic approach to sustainable development
  • Motivate and involve staff
  • Strengthen cooperation and reinforce the ”we-feeling” in the organization
  • Increase customer satisfaction and profitability
  • Find sustainable innovative solutions
  • Strengthening the brand

Sustainability Pyramid

Sustainability Pyramid – workshop 1 – 3 Days

  • Workshop for innovation, strategy and action
  • A workshop that engages and generate new ideas for sustainable development of the whole organization or project
  • The pyramid is built on five levels and the four sides of the pyramid stand for: Nature, Economy, Society and Wellbeing.


Enhance the competitiveness of our benchmarking study

  • You will receive strategic insight into how you compare with competitors and with truly sustainable organization
  • Will provide excellent input to your Sustainability reporting and ideas for what you can focus on to enhance competitiveness and sustainability

Sustainability in the supply chain

  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Circular economy and financial areas of focus

  • We help you get started with the integration of circular economy thinking in your business model
  • Highlighting profitability and integrate sustainability work into financial reporting
  • Increase the availability and establishment of green financing
  • Value-creating investment research and support the re-allocation of funds
  • Identify the company’s sustainability exposure (risk)
  • Achieving goals – actual implementation, sustainability coaching

Coaching for sustainable development

  • Individual coaching and support for sustainability work
  • Team coaching
  • Vision workshop – backcasting


  • Company tailor-made training packages (contact us for Quote)
  • Open courses – Sustainability Coach (date of the autumn courses coming soon)

Sustainability Report

  • Sustainability report according to GRI G4

Change management
We have extensive experience of ”change management” and project management with a focus on sustainable development. Contact us for more information.